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Places I want to go

I would love to go everywhere but my top two places are Paris and Mexico. I would love to go to both of these places because they are both so beautiful. I love both of these places for different reasons. The one that I would rather go to is Paris because I think it would just be a little different and it would be a really fun vacation even though it is a little expensive. My second is Mexico and it is not that far behind Paris because it would be just as fun to go to with my family. I would just love to go both places. I hope you enjoy my blog, thank you.

The place I have wanted to go forever is Paris. I want to go there because it is so pretty and I would really love to see the Eiffel Tower. My friend is actually from Paris and when she showed me pictures it was literally the most beautiful place that I have ever seen. I would also love to go there because I want to try all the different kinds of foods that they have. One last reason I would love to go to Paris is because I just want to see how different it is from our country. Such as all the different types of clothing that they were or even the different types of houses that they might live . These are some reasons why I would like to go to Paris.

Paris - Eiffel Tower and Seine at NightCreative Commons License

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Another place that I would really love to go is Mexico. One reason I would love to go to Mexico is also because it’s beautiful with the sandy beaches and also some areas of Mexico have very beautiful homes. Another reason is that I would love to try all the different types of food that they have. I mean chipotle is amazing but I think the food is probably better there. One last reason I would like to go to Mexico is to see what types of different clothes they were and also what type of thing they do in their everyday life. These are some reasons I would like to go to Mexico.

'Catching the Pipeline', Mexico, Puerto Escondido

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Thank You for reading my blog!!!

I really hope that you will comment and tell me what you liked about my blog and what you think I might be able to fix. I also think it would help you if you didn’t know a lot about these to places to check out the hyperlinks that are in the first paragraph.

20% Project

Me and my partner, Kylee, have not really accomplished very many goals. This is mostly because we can’t. We can’t do this because our orphanage has not emailed or called us back at this moment.We actually called the orphanage and they didnt ever call us back. So we ended up calling another orphanage and they said that they would call us back and they still have not. We hope to get our official date shortly. Our project is to get supplies that they might need and put them in baskets and give them to some of the kids at an Orphanage.

Our goals for this project are to give baskets to at least 10 kids and we want to see them about 12 times. Ways we are going to get there are by calling and emailing different orphanages and if they answer. My mom will also be driving us where we need to be. To get all the money we will have sales and do other things that are easy. With the money we will by all the supplies for the baskets and we will also buy different games.

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Merry Christmas, 2011

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My favorite holiday is Christmas it is my favorite holiday because we either get a lot of presents or we go on trips. We are going to new York this Christmas and I am really excited. We will wake up on Christmas morning and open presents from our grandparents then I will go to my dads and come back home. We will then go to sleep and wake up and then get on the plane to new York. It will be my older brothers 1st time on a plane but it will be my 4th time. This is one reason why Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Another reason why Christmas is my favorite holiday is because all of the food. We always have a ton of food and my family comes over and we it all of it. Lets just say there aren’t usually very many left overs. We have all different types of desserts and appetizers and the dinner we have is so good. My favorite food is mac and cheese and the brownies. It takes so long to make all the food and then when we get to eating it is gone so fast.

One last reason that I love Christmas is because of my family. I have the best family ever they are so nice and loving. They also help me get through the hard times and they help me whenever I need them. I love spending this holiday with them because they are the people I love the most and they love me a whole lot to. These are all reasons why Christmas is my favorite holiday ever.

Here are some sights to give you a little more information about this holiday:

Christmas                                                                                                                Christmas


Its all about school

In this paragraph I will talk about my daily routine at school. So school starts around 7:35 and ends around 2:35. Have 7 different classes in one day not including lunch, homeroom or advisory. We have a locker break before school starts, after first, after 3rd, after lunch and before we go to our 6th and 7th periods. At 2:27 in 7th period we put away our Chromebooks and get whatever we need out of our locker. Lastly we get on the bus to go home. Some people walk or there parents pick them up but most people ride the bus.

In this paragraph I will talk about the whole school year. There are around 180 days of school and at my school we have five terms that are each about 7 weeks long. we are in school for all of fall, winter and I am pretty sure most of spring but we are also in school for a little bit of summer. Each term we change our 6th and 7th periods unless your in band and choir like I am. When you do switch classes you stay with the same people and you just switch the subject. Last and probably the best part of the day is lunch this is our free time sometimes we can be on our phones but we get to talk and have fun with our friends. Also we sometimes get to go outside in some classes.

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Volleyballs My Game! What’s Yours?

When you aren't around

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In this paragraph I will be talking about the rules of the game. My main rule is to never be unfair or try to cheat. I also think that depending if you win or lose you should always have good sportsmanship. Okay now its time for the real rules of the game. One rule is there should always be at least 4-6 girls on the court at a time and if you ever do subs the players always need to go up to the ten foot line. Another rule is a block doesn’t count as one of the three hits. Also there is the rule of one player cannot hit the ball twice in a row. One last rule is if a ball touches a boundary line it still counts as being in.                                                                                                                    In this paragraph I will be writing about my favorite part of volleyball. My favorite thing about volleyball is my teammates. They are the people that help you make it through the game and cheer you up if you make a bad move. They are more important than losing or winning and you can always rely on them. They are like your second family and just like you can rely on them they need to be able to rely on you if they ever need it. These are some reasons why my favorite part of volleyball are the teammates.          Last I will talk about the history of volleyball. On february 9, 1895 they actually used to call it mintonette  and was invented by William G. Morgan. It was actually invented four years after basketball was. It is designed to be a mix of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball. The first volleyball net ever used was 6 and a half feet. The offensive style of setting and spiking was first demonstrated in the Philippines in 1916. This is a little bit about the history of volleyball.


Volleyball History

Volleyball Rules

Giving Credit


Giving credit has been around since the mid 1500’s. The phrase give credit means to give acknowledgement to the person that made either a book quote or a saying from your favorite movie. You should also credit whenever you use a picture or a phrase from a website. Usually if you don’t do this, it is considered copyrighting and you could get in a lot of trouble for it. In all honestly I thought if you just moved some words around it didn’t count as copy righting but I learned you have to do a lot more than that. You have to change almost everything or you could credit. Crediting basically just means to site or name who made the song or movie and other things like that.


ACTIVITY 2                                                                                                                                                                             It's hard to keep decorations out with curious Boo Lefou!Creative Commons License            DaPuglet via Compfight



one dog, with a pushed up face

posing for the picture with the pumpkin

the pumpkin, a fall orange

also smiling for the photo


the humble background with all the decorations

brings attention to the dog

the dog protecting the pumpkin

the fall dog










Comment Challenge

For my comment I said that I thought she did a really good job at explaining do’s and dont’s, but I did think she could have given a little bit more. This is the sight I commented on

I chose to read this blog because I thought it was cool she did a Powtoon and I really wanted to watch it. I relate to her because we are around the same age and her name is spelled really close to how mine is spelled. I left that comment because that is truly what I felt about her Powtoon.

My Avatar

  Face Your Manga

I chose my avatar because I thought it was unique to me. Some of my friends even said it looked a lot like me. I used the Face Your Manga because some of my friends and other people said it was the best sight to use. I think they were right about that. Also I did this one because my favorite color is blue and that is why I used this background. The process of making my Avatar did take a little time but I think it was very worth it. I really like my Avatar and I think it really represents me.

My Passion

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Emma and my passion is Volleyball. To me volleyball is the best sport ever and I love it so much. I play for the Gators and I really hope that I will make the team next year. So far we are undefeated and I really want it to stay this way the rest of the season. I think that we are really good and I love every girl on the team so much. They are some of the nicest girls in the world and they are part of my family now.
Some tips on how to play volleyball are to stay strong. By this I mean have good serves. Some ways to do this are to gt the ball high, take a big step and hit the ball as hard as you can.  Also you need to have good passes. Ways to do this are to not swing your arms, keep your elbows strait, and keep your legs bent. Another good tip is to be confident. Ways you can do this is to cheer up a teammate if they mess up. Also if you mess up just tell yourself its good and you have the next one. Those are some helpful tips about Volleyball. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed my blog!Steve Carmichael - 2017 08 07 Womens Volleyball-8682Creative Commons License 2017 Canada Summer Games via Compfight