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Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Emma and my passion is Volleyball. To me volleyball is the best sport ever and I love it so much. I play for the Gators and I really hope that I will make the team next year. So far we are undefeated and I really want it to stay this way the rest of the season. I think that we are really good and I love every girl on the team so much. They are some of the nicest girls in the world and they are part of my family now.
Some tips on how to play volleyball are to stay strong. By this I mean have good serves. Some ways to do this are to gt the ball high, take a big step and hit the ball as hard as you can.  Also you need to have good passes. Ways to do this are to not swing your arms, keep your elbows strait, and keep your legs bent. Another good tip is to be confident. Ways you can do this is to cheer up a teammate if they mess up. Also if you mess up just tell yourself its good and you have the next one. Those are some helpful tips about Volleyball. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed my blog!Steve Carmichael - 2017 08 07 Womens Volleyball-8682Creative Commons License 2017 Canada Summer Games via Compfight

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  1. Thank you for posting! We have the same thing in common I like volleyball too! It’s my favorite sport just like yours I hope you make it to the team next year!

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